About RSC


Ratio Semita Chain is a public Chain infrastructure of pan-internet of things based on block Chain technology.

Ratio Semita Chain USES block Chain technology to trace, register and confirm the right of information and data generated in the process of social economic collaboration and pan- financial activities, and to realize data transaction. It is a communal public Chain, which has the technical characteristics of security, reliability, high stability and strong expansibility. 

Application ecology

The Ratio Semita Chain will provide common distributed data access components for customers in different fields, and will gradually implement applications such as product traceability, distributed e-commerce network, data rights confirmation and lightweight application mounting platform developed by industrial application ecological partners.

When building the applied ecology, Ratio Semita Chain community advocates openness, cooperation and win-win, and collaborates with industrial partners to innovate and expand industrial value. In the food and drug resource and distribution, supply chain finance, enterprise supply chain management, e-government, wisdom, recreational game development, urban construction culture property rights management, advertising marketing, big data made by trade, business integration, and other fields, will gradually form a complete industry solutions, and according to characteristics of technology and application, expanding application range, corresponding to the underlying technology. 

Application scenarios

Object traceability

A surveyor

Distributed e-commerce

Information data source confirmation service